Care Plus

Care Health Insurance

Claim settlement ratio 95.2 (2019-20)

NCB* Up to 50%

PED Waiting# 48 Months

Network Hospital 9400+

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Overview of Care Plus Health Insurance

Care Plus health insurance plan from Care Health Insurance Company is a policy designed exclusively for people above the age of 36 years. This plan comes with no upper age limit and offers all-inclusive inflation proof coverage. Care plus levy no co-payment clause on the insured while keeping them secure against health crisis.

USP Features of Care Plus Health Insurance Plan

  • Care Plus Plan is available on an individual and family floater basis
  • The sum assured of the plan ranges from INR 3 lakh to INR 25 lakh
  • The Plan offer 10% renewal discount once the insured turns 40, for the policyholder entering the plan by 36 and above years
  • The plan allows NCB or No Claim Bonus protection for every claim free year
  • It also offers protection against personal accident for the key insured person up to the Sum Insured amount

What’s Not Covered under Care Plus Health Insurance Plan?

  • Care plus plan do not cover expenses for any self-inflicted injury like attempting suicide, suicide etc.
  • Expenses for injuries caused by the consumption of excessive alcohol or drug misuse are not covered by the plan
  • The plan does not include cosmetic surgeries like plastic surgery, cosmetic treatment and implants etc.
  • Exclusion is also there for expenses caused by injuries due to war, riot, use of nuclear weapons etc.

Frequently asked questions

Care Plus is an indemnity-based health insurance plan that is designed for people aged 36 and above with no upper age limit.

The minimum age limit of Care Plus Plan for children is 91 days and up to 24 years on a family floater basis, whereas in the case of adults there is no upper limit of age. But the age of the proposer has to be 18 years and above.

Care health insurance policy has tied-up with over 8350+ hospital network across India

The Care Plus policy doesn’t require any pre-policy medical check-up. But the policy seeker might have to undergo tele-underwriting with certain specific tests included in it.

* NCB will increase by 5% for each claim free year up to a maximum of 50% if the policy is renewed without break

# Ailments diagnosed within 48 months before policy issuance date or any medical treatment received within 48 months before the issue date of policy