Sanchay Plus

HDFC Life Insurance

Claim settlement ratio 98.66% (FY 2021-22)

Critical Illness Benefit Available

Tax Benefit Amount As per prevailing tax laws

Accidental Death Benefit 100%

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Overview of HDFC Life Sanchay Plus

Without proper financial planning it is difficult to accomplish goals in life, especially the ones with monetary obligations. So, if you are willing to safeguard the financial security of your dear ones to allow them a bright future, you must opt for the HDFC Life Sanchay Plus Plan. This is a non-participating and non-linked savings plan that serves your purpose of accomplishing goals in the best possible way.

USP features of HDFC Life Sanchay Plus

  • The best feature of the Life Sanchay Plus Plan is that it allows the insured to receive guaranteed income at maturity as per the terms and conditions of the policy
  • The Sanchay Plus Plan also allows the insured to enjoy tax benefits as per the eligibility criteria of the person under the prevailing tax laws
  • The flexibility to avail the guaranteed benefits as a lump sum amount or as a regular income is another worthwhile feature of the Life Sanchay Plus Plan from HDFC
  • The benefit of being able to receive guaranteed income life-long or till 99 years of age of the insured to be precise is another striking feature of the Life Sanchay Plus plan
  • The Sanchay Plus plan allows guaranteed income option to the insured specifically for a fixed term period of 25-30 years, which allows the insured to have long term income option

What’s not covered under HDFC Life Sanchay Plus?

  • The policy comes with the exclusion of suicide committed within first 12 months from the date of policy purchase.
  • Thus, in case the policyholder commits suicide within the first year of policy purchase, the beneficiary of the plan would be entitled to only 80% of the complete premium amount paid till the time of the suicide
  • However, the policy has to be active at that time to avail the benefits
  • Exclusion is also there for expenses caused by injuries due to war, riot, use of nuclear weapons etc.
Frequently asked questions

An insured can avail monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly premium payment frequencies as per their needs and comfort under the HDFC Sanchay Plus Plan.

An insured can pay a minimum of INR 2500 per month under the Life Sanchay Plus Plan of HDFC.

The HDFC Life Sanchay Plus Plan allows the policyholder to avail loan once the plan acquires a surrender value, which depends on the terms and conditions of the company.

Yes, the HDFC Life Sanchay Plus Plan makes the insured entitled to certain tax benefits as per the tax laws that are prevailing and they are subject to change.

The minimum age at entry should be 5 years and above, while the maximum age is 55 years (For More Information Refer to Policy Wording)

* Tax benefits are subject to changes in tax laws.
#All savings are provided by the insurance company as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C apply.

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