About Go Digit Motor Insurance

Digit insurance, formerly known as Go-Digit General Insurance Company Limited is one of India’s leading general insurance companies backed by the Fairfax Group. The company offers its plan online through digital platforms with a unique strategy of multi-channel distribution. Its services include travel insurance, health insurance, car insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, home insurance and shop insurance. Digit Insurance is known for its reimagining products and redesigning price processes.

Claim settlement ratio 96% (FY 2021-22)

NCB* starts at 20%, up to 50%

Network garage# 5800+

24*7 Road Side Assistance Yes

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Comprehensive Policy Plan Type : Comprehensive

Key Highlights of the Go Digit Car Insurance

Gross Written Premium Rs 3,243 crores as of March 31st, 2021.
The number of customers Trusted by more than 2 crore customers in a span of 4 years of operations
Go digit Cashless Garages list 9500+ garages across India

Awards and Achievements of Go Digit Insurance

has gained huge recognition in 4 years since it has begun operations. Digit insurance has been certified as a ‘Great Place to Work Organisation.’ Some other awards and accolades of the company are as follows:

  • Digit insurance was awarded ‘Insurance Start-up of the Year’ in 2020 in the Insurance Asia Awards.
  • Th4e company received the ‘General Insurance Company Of The Year’ award in 2020 at the 24th Asia Insurance Industry Awards
  • It was ranked among the hottest start-up company in India in 2019.

Key features of Go Digit Car Insurance Plans

provide holistic coverage benefits, depending on the type of policy that you choose, so that your car is protected against major risks. The coverage features of Digit car insurance plans are as follows –

  • Third-party liability suffered if an individual is killed due to the car
  • Third-party liability suffered if an individual is physically injured due to the car
  • Third-party liability suffered if a third party’s property is damaged by the car
  • Damages suffered by the car due to natural causes like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, lightning, etc.
  • Damages suffered by the car due to man-made causes like fire, riots, self-explosion or implosion, etc.
  • Damages suffered when the car is being transported
  • Loss or theft of the car

Exclusions under Go Digit Car Insurance Plans

have some exclusions. The insurance company is not liable for the events which are not covered in the plan and are mentioned specifically in the policy documents. It is equally necessary to know the exclusions in the car insurance policy so that there would be no surprises at the time of making a claim. Some common exclusions under the plan are as follows:

  • Damages to own vehicle would not be covered under third party or liability only car insurance policies.
  • No claims would be entertained if you were driving the vehicle without a valid driving licence
  • Consequential damages which is not a direct result of the accident are also excluded
  • Contributory negligence such as damage due to driving the vehicle in a flood is not the responsibility of the insurance company
  • Damage or loss covered under manufacturers warranty or any other type of insurance plan would not be paid
  • No claim would be paid if you are driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Loss or damage due to human activities such as theft, strikes, riots, etc and natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, etc are not covered.

Types of Go Digit Car Insurance Plans

Digit offers a range of car insurance policies for its customers. These policies and their salient features are as follows –

Standalone third party plan: This policy provides only third party coverage on your car. The salient features of the plan are as follows –

  • You are covered against third party liabilities incurred due to injury, death or property damage
  • Coverage is also allowed for accidental death or disablement suffered by the owner/driver of the car. The coverage limit is Rs.15 lakhs and the premium is just Rs.220
  • For personal third party damages, unlimited coverage is allowed. For property damage claims, however, coverage is allowed for up to Rs.7.5 lakhs
  • You can buy the policy within minutes with the company’s Smartphone-enabled process

Standalone own damage plan: This policy provides coverage only against the damages that your car might suffer. The salient features are as follows –

    • The plan can be bought only if you have active third party insurance on the car
    • Damages due to natural calamities, man-made calamities and theft of the car are covered
    • There are seven optional add-ons that you can add to your policy for additional coverage
    • Avail of cashless repairs across a network of 5500+ garages across India in the case of damages
    • The company provides doorstep pick up and repair facilities

    You can do a Smartphone enabled inspection for the faster claim processing.

    Comprehensive car insurance policy: The comprehensive car insurance policy combines third party coverage and own damage coverage to provide inclusive protection to your car. The features of the policy are as follows –

    • Get coverage for both third party liabilities and the damages that your car might suffer
    • Theft is also covered under the plan
    • Get a choice of seven add-ons to enhance the scope of the policy. Choose from zero depreciation, return to invoice, breakdown assistance, passenger cover and others
    • Get the facility to customise the IDV of your car
    • Get convenient claims with cashless repairs, doorstep pick-up and repair facilities and Smartphone enabled inspection
    • Claim up to 50% discount with no claim bonus

    How to buy Digit Car Insurance Plans?

    You can purchase a Digit car insurance policy through the PayBima website. PayBima offers a very quick and easy process to buy a car insurance policy with the benefit of comparison of insurance plans offered by different insurers. Here are the simple steps to buy a Digit car insurance policy through PayBima:

    • Visit the PayBima Website and select a plan:

    Begin the process by visiting the website of PayBima or just click on www.paybima.com. Then click on the car insurance option on the website

    • Fill in the details:

    Next, you have to fill in your personal and medical details on the website to enable pay Bima to calculate your premium. Fill in the details such as your name, car registration number, type of policy such as comprehensive or third party, sum insured, location, make, model and variant of your car and contact details. You can also request PayBima for phone assistance to help you select a suitable plan. PayBima provides first-class service to its customers.

    • Compare plans:

    After all the details are filled in, PayBima will show you a list of plans available as per the selected sum insured and type of plan. You will find the Digit car insurance policy in the list. You can compare the policy that you have selected with the other top car insurance plans in the market and then select the plan which best suits your requirement at a competitive price.

    • Fill out the proposal form:

    After finalizing your plan, just fill out a simple proposal form in order to intimate the insurance company about buying the plan. Ensure to complete the proposal form accurately so that you don’t face any issues at the time of claim.

    • Pay the premium:

    PayBima offers various secured payment getaways for paying insurance premiums online. After filling out the proposal form, the final step is to pay the premium through any of the secure gateway offered by PayBima and your policy will be issued instantly.

    How to Renew Digit Car Insurance plan?

    Car Insurance plans have a fixed tenure of one to three years. On the expiry of the tenure, you must ensure to renew your plan within the due date or else your policy will lapse and all the benefits will cease.

    Renewing the Digit insurance policy through PayBima is even easier than buying one. You can renew your car insurance policy through PayBima by entering your policy number and email address on PayBima Website. Then you can review your policy details and make changes to them if required. You can change the type of policy and also add or delete add-ons. The amount of your renewal premium will be adjusted proportionately as per the changes made in the plan. Do not forget to take the benefit of a no claim bonus if you have not made any claim in the previous policy year. After making changes in the plan, pay the premium and your policy will be renewed within seconds. You can contact PayBima to get personalised assistance to guide you through the renewal process. Feel free to call us at 1800-267-6767 or email us at paybima.care@mahindra.com.

    Claim process of Digit Car Insurance plan

    Digit Car Insurance claims can be made online through the PayBima website. Click on www.paybima.com and follow the following steps to make a claim on your car insurance plan:

    • Inform the Insurance Company:

    First of all, inform the insurance company of the claim by providing your policy number, car registration number and driving license number.

    • Identify Network Workshop:

    Digit insurance offers both cashless as well as reimbursement settlement of claims. You can either send your vehicle to a workshop with which the company has a tie-up or can get your car repaired at a non-network workshop and later get your amount reimbursed from the insurance company. If you wish to avail of cashless settlement of the claim, then you will have to first identify the network workshop nearest to your location. You can visit the website of the insurance company and find the nearest workshop to the location of the incident.

    • Assess of Damage:

    Once your vehicle is at the network workshop, the insurance company will send a surveyor to assess the damage caused to the vehicle who would prepare an estimate of the claim and submit the same to the insurance company.

    • Claim Form:

    Duly fill and signed a claim form with car and policy details and submit it to the insurance company with driving license and other relevant documents. Once your claim is approved, the network garage will begin repairing your vehicle.

    • Settlement of claim:

    Once the repair is completed, you can take the delivery of your vehicle and the insurance company will directly settle the expense incurred to the go digit cashless garages .

    • Reimbursement Claims:

    In case of reimbursement claims, you can get your vehicle repaired at any go digit cashless garage which does not have a tie-up with the insurance company. Then, submit all the bills of repair along with the claim form and driving license to get reimbursement of the amount of expense incurred for repairing your vehicle.

    Following documents are required to be submitted for successful claim settlement:

    • Duly filled and signed claim form
    • Car’s registration copy and driving license
    • Original Policy Document
    • Police FIR, inspection officer report, etc in case of theft
    • Original bills of repair for reimbursement claims.

    Review of Car Insurance Plans offered by Digit Bike Insurance Company

    Digit insurance is known for its great customer experience and easiest claim process. Other highlights of digit car insurance plans are as follows:

    • The company has a claim settlement ratio of 96% for private cars as of March 2019.
    • Digit insurance offers an easy and quick smartphone-enabled process of settlement of claims which can be done online just in 7 minutes.
    • You can get up to a 50% discount on your renewal premium by availing of a no claim bonus for every claim-free year.
    • Digit insurance offers 7 add-ons that can be added to your plan to help you to make your pan comprehensive and customise it as per your requirements.
    • The company offers the facility of doorstep pick-up and drop with the benefit of 6 months of warranty for getting your vehicle repaired at its network garages.
    Frequently asked questions

    Standalone own damage cover is available for 1 year.

    You can buy a standalone third party cover for one year if your car is old. However, for new cars, coverage for a continuous period of 3 years is mandatory as per IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) norms.

    Yes, you can opt for as many add-ons as you like. However, for each add-on, you would have to pay an additional premium. Moreover, add-ons are available either in a standalone own damage plan or in a comprehensive policy.

    Yes, the comprehensive car insurance policy offered by Digit offers various discounts. Such discounts are as follows –
    • You can claim a discount for not making claims in previous policy years. This discount starts from 20% and can go up to 50%
    • You get a discount for choosing a voluntary deductible
    • There is a discount if you are a member of a recognized automobile association
    • You can also get a discount for installing safety devices in your car.

    The no-claim bonus is a reward given to policyholders who do not make a claim. This bonus allows you a discount on the renewal premium. The bonus increases with each successive claim-free year. However, if there is a claim in any year, the bonus becomes nil.
    The no-claim bonus rates applicable in Digit car insurance plans are as follows –

    • No claim in the first policy year 20%
    • No claim in 2 consecutive policy years 25%
    • No claim in 3 consecutive policy years 35%
    • No claim in 4 consecutive policy years 45%
    • No claim in 5 or more consecutive policy years 50%

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    *NCB can be availed as a cumulative bonus which starts at 20% for raising no claims during a policy year and can go up to 50% for consecutive years.

    # Go Digit offers hassle free claim settlement in 5800+ cashless network garages of go digit pan India