How To Stay Safe On Indian Roads 10 Tips For Two-Wheeler Owners


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Updated on Sep 28, 2022

Two-Wheeler Safety Rules 

Do you know about road safety rules for two-wheelers? With a two-wheeler comes a sense of freedom. You can take your two-wheeler to almost every place, and at the same time, you will also not have to be bothered about the traffic jam. When you have a two-wheeler, you can reach a place much faster than a four-wheeler since it takes lesser space even on the roads. Unfortunately bike accidents are most common on Indian roads due to reckless riding and at times, road condition. The Indian Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Transport Research Wing released statistics that mentioned that India had the highest number of road accidents in the world in 2018. This also shows that a rider must focus on the road while riding a two-wheeler, and the same goes for four-wheeler drivers as well. A slight mistake can result in the death of not only the one who is riding a bike or driving a car but it can also damage the other party. And since, two-wheelers are lighter vehicles than four-wheelers, they usually get more damaged in road accidents. This is why one should always stick to the safety tips for two-wheeler riders.

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 10 Road Safety Rules for Two-wheelers in India

1. Choose a bike that is suitable for you

While you are buying a bike, you should choose the one that meets your needs. Going after a bike that looks good but is not great enough while riding is only taking a risk. Also, before you take your bike out on the road, you need to be confident about your riding skills.

2. You must wear protective equipment

Bike rides are fun and nothing can replace the feeling of one such ride. However, while you are riding a bike, especially on the highway, you must wear your protective equipment. You need to make sure of wearing your helmet, jacket, and elbow guard. Wearing all these can be a little uncomfortable sometimes, but they can save your life.

3. Ride safely at every intersection

Even if the roads are empty and it is that hour of the day when the traffic is the lightest, you should not take a chance. Just like you, someone else also might be riding or driving a vehicle, and at an insane speed. Therefore, you must slow down your bike at each of the intersections and you must avoid overtaking at the intersections, pedestrian crossings, school zones, yellow-lined areas, and bridges.

4. Try to make yourself visible to others on the road

The more you are visible on the roads, the better it is for your safety. When others can clearly see you on the road, there are thinner chances that they will hit you or your vehicle. To do so, you can wear reflective bands and maybe a bright-colored helmet.

5. Try to keep a safe distance from other vehicles

One of the bike riding tips for beginners is to maintain a safe distance. Whether you are riding your bike or parking it, you must keep a safe distance from the other vehicles on the road or the parking space. Even if there is a little space, you must not try to get your bike in that space to make your way.

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6. Give pedestrians their right of way

Many times, it is the pedestrians who are hit by vehicles and at times, they even lose their life. Therefore, if you see pedestrians at zebra-crossing, you must not rush and give them the time to cross the road.

7. Obey traffic rules

The traffic rules are implemented by the government for the safety of one and all on the road. Therefore, one of the bikes riding tips that you must follow is obeying the traffic rules. If you do not follow the traffic rules, you may not only get into an accident that may cost dire consequences but you may even have to pay heavy penalties. In some cases, the riders even end up in jail for not following the traffic rules.

8. Ride slowly while taking turns

Some turns can be very sharp and for a two-wheeler, it can be a little difficult since the vehicle is light in weight. Therefore, you must slow down while taking turns. Even when you are approaching a junction, you should slow down your vehicle.

9. Try to avoid riding in poor weather conditions

The chances of traffic collisions increase a lot in bad weather. Some of the roads also get slippery during poor weather conditions. Therefore, you must wait for the weather to get better, and then you can get on the road with your two-wheeler. And as we talk about highway bike riding tips, you must not ride on the highways during the poor condition of weather. It can be very risky and you may even meet with an accident.

10. Give a break to your phone while riding a bike

When you have a mobile phone, you may get calls or messages even when you are riding a bike. Well, it does not mean that you have to answer the call or the message. Some helmets these days come with Bluetooth connectivity that enables the rider to answer the calls or messages. If you are a proud owner of one such helmet, you must choose to answer those calls later. Even if you are not holding the phone with your hand, it may completely distract you which can result in an uneventful incident.

While you follow all the road safety tips for two-wheelers, you also must Buy a Bike Insurance Policy. It will help cover the damage that may happen to the vehicles in an accident.

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