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Free Look Period in Health Insurance

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If the health insurance you bought is not up to your expectation in terms of coverage and the conditions, you can cancel it without any hassle during the free look period. Let’s learn about the concept in detail.

People who are uninformed about this clause will be glad to know that IRDAI allows policyholders a chance to return a policy within a particular duration of time called the ‘free look period’. In this post, we will understand what free look period is and its basics.

What is the Free Look Period in Insurance?

All kinds of insurance policies, be it indemnity, investment or specific benefit plan, are available with a free-look period. Generally, a 15 days’ time is allowed by insurance companies as the free look period under health insurance plans during which a policyholder can cancel the policy. However, depending on the insurer the period might extend up to 30 days. Thus, this period gives the insured an opportunity to return the policy if the policy is not fulfilling your coverage expectations. The time of the free-look period starts from the date of buying the plan until 15 to 30 days as per the duration offered by the insurer.  Hence, if you return the policy within this period, you will get a refund from your insurer after deducting a minimal charge.

Key Features of Free Look Period in Health Insurance?

Below are the key features of the free-look period for health insurance to be considered.

1. Benefit can be availed within the prescribed time limit

The free look period of 15 days from the date of buying the policy is the duration during which the policyholder must cancel the policy or get the policy changed. Failing to do so will deny your chances of returning the policy or to request for an alternation in the policy

2. Submit policy cancel request

The insured must submit a written request to cancel policy and to avail the benefits of the free look period. The cancellation request can also be initiated by filling a form online. For this, you can visit the official website of the insurer and download the form

3. Furnishing of Details

Also, to cancel a policy during the free look period, there are certain details that the insured need to furnish such as

  • The date of receiving policy document
  • Agent details (if the policy is bought through an agent)
  • The reason why you want to cancel the policy 
  • Valid bank account detail for sum refund etc.

4. Policy cancellation documentations

It is necessary to submit original documents to complete the process of policy cancellation. And for this, you will have to submit the first paid premium receipt along with a cancelled cheque of your bank account to initiate the refund.

5. Refund after certain deductions

When you cancel a policy, you would get the refund of the premiums paid after deducting a minimum charge, including;

  • Stamp Duty charges
  • Risk premium for duration of coverage
  • Any expense paid by the insurance company towards a medical test (if any)
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Process to Cancel a Policy Within Free-look Period

Here are the steps that an insured should follow while cancelling a policy under free look period insurance:

  • insurance plan once you have received it
  • Immediately get in touch with the customer care department of the insurer via email or call to submit a request for cancellation. In case you have bought the plan from an agent or an insurance broker, you can contact them to initiate policy return during a free-look period
  • Once that is done, the insurer sends an endorsement and refunds the premium you have paid within 7 working days
  • However, keep in mind that the policy cancellation is possible only during the free-look period
  • However, if you miss the free look period, you will have to wait till the time of policy renewal to port it

Applicable Conditions

  • Health insurance companies generally pay 50% of the cost for medical tests which are renewed on a yearly basis. While refunding the premium amount in case of policy cancellation, the insurer deduct this amount
  • Any health plan such as an indemnity policy or specific benefit plan like critical illness insurance policy allows a 15 days window to cancel the policy. But there is an exception. A policyholder can avail the free-look period only if the policy is bought for a tenure of 3 years

To Conclude

Free-look period for insurance policies is allowed to serve the purpose of consumers. However, it is important to know how the clause works so that you can utilize it to the fullest. The policyholder should know how to carry on with the procedure. This way, they can make the most of this IRDA free look period under your health insurance policy and stay covered sufficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. It is only allowed while buying a new policy and not during policy renewal.

Yes, there are some insurance companies who allow online cancellation of policies during the free look period.

The insurance co-pay clause makes it cheaper because the liability of the claim amount is shared between the insurer and the policyholder. Thus, the policy becomes comparatively cheaper.

The insurer offers a refund after deducting a certain amount such as stamp duty fees or medical test refund etc.

Yes. Policyholders buying policies offline can also avail the benefits of a free look period.

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