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When it comes to diseases, prevention is the most important cure. Rather than treating the ailment when it already strikes, it is good to curb it before it spreads in the organs. But how is one supposed to do that? Well, for that you have to get regular health check-ups so that if there is any issue it can be tracked and treated at an early stage.

Regular health check-ups are important for prevention of illnesses as they help in detecting diseases at an early stage. As compared to the standard health insurance policies, the preventive care health plans are designed to facilitate the policyholders with regular preventive health check-ups within the budget of common people.

Preventive health check-ups done in the form of several tests and diagnostic treatments allow the insured to track their health report. With the advancement in technology, the medical and healthcare sector has seen great progress. At the same time, there has been a huge increase in the number of new/emerging as well as fatal diseases. These are mostly because of lifestyle changes in people, the weather, pollution, etc.

Hence, it is necessary for everyone to stay prepared and to have regular health check-ups for preventing diseases. Here, preventive care plans serve your purpose. Let’s understand them better in this post.

Features of Preventive Health Care

Being a comprehensive health care plan, the preventive care services are designed to provide several benefits, such as:

  • Round the year free health check-ups
  • On call free doctor consultation
  • Various discounts for tests done in pathology, radiology and diagnostic labs etc.
  • Discounts at chemist shops 
  • Dental treatment benefits
  • Discounts for diagnosis and consultation services of severe illnesses
  • Tax benefits under section 80(D)

Types of Preventive Care Plans

There are different types of preventive healthcare plans offered by insurance companies in India:

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Family plans

These plans can be availed by all members of a family irrespective of their gender and age. These plans allow coverage for things like full body check-ups, dental check-ups, dietary consultations etc., with the top hospitals and best doctors across India at reasonable rates.

Regular plans

Under these plans one can visit the doctor for regular health check-up and prevent any fatal disease.

Child plans

These plans specifically cater to children between the age of 0 to 13 years. Under these plans parents can take their children to the doctor/hospital for regular check-ups.

It is good for everyone to stay in good health, especially the kids who need all the more care and attention in terms of their health. The customised kid plans include;

  • Paediatric  
  • Ophthalmology consultation
  • Dental consultation
  • Radiology consultation
  • ENT consultation and
  • Regular check-up, among others

Besides the above, there are many other customized plans that one can opt for. Some such plans are mentioned below:

Plans for Cardiac based ailments

Since the number of cardiac-based ailments are rising in India, health insurance companies have initiated many customised cardiac-based plans for complete cardiac check-up in the best hospital/doctor in the country. These plans come with screening procedures which are designed to recognize the heart attack risks along with the prevention of several other cardiovascular conditions.

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Cancer Plans

Today cancer is one of the biggest threats to humanity. The spread of cancer is also due to the changing lifestyles as well as food habits of people. Hence, policies are offered with cancer screening programs so that the disease could be detected early on to mitigate the risks in the future.

Diabetes Plans

Diabetes is another such critical illness that is very common these days. With diabetes plans, the policyholders can get regular check-ups done to keep the disease at bay.

Fertility Check-ups

Fertility issues and the complexities in conceiving is another major issue with women these days. With fertility plans, you can avail packages for fertility check-ups which cover fertility assessment diagnostic tests and consultations with experts etc.

Corporate/Executive Plan

The corporate preventive care health policies cover the corporate employees at subsidized premium prices. These plans are customised as per the need of the company. Here, the employers can choose the levels of check-ups and consultation that they want for their employees.

Dental Packages

Specialized dental plans are also available, which can be availed by the policyholders.

Tests Included Under Preventive Care Policies

Preventive plans in general include tests to measure and check diseases like:

  • Pressure monitoring
  • Blood tests
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Diabetes tests
  • Pap smear
  • Cancer screening
  • Genetic testing
  • HIV tests etc.

Difference between Regular Health Insurance and Preventive Healthcare plan

Here are some of the differences between preventive care vs treatment in the regular category:

Feature  Regular Health Insurance  Preventive Healthcare Plan
Coverage  These plans either denies or charges higher premium to insure aged people  These policies welcome the elderly to avail the plans at the same fee charged for everyone else
PED Coverage  Pre-existing diseases are excluded until waiting period is over Pre-existing ailments are included
Premium  Premium is generally high The annual membership fee under such plans is relatively low
Dental Coverage Dental services excluded Dental services included
Diagnostics These policies might exclude pathology and radiology services in most cases Here, pathology and radiology services are included
Claim  It is somewhat time-taking It is simple and quick to avail such services
Hospitalisation  They cover cost of hospitalisation They cover regular day to day costs 
Cover Limit Here, the cover offered is limited and are exhaustible Here, there is no limit to the card usage
Range of Coverage  These plans cover serious/critical illnesses These plans cover diagnostic and preventive tests etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Preventive health policy is a policy that helps an insured person to prevent illnesses by assisting in the detection of diseases at an early stage by means of regular check-ups. They also maintain and promote the good health of individuals.

The key benefit of preventive health care is that it helps to detect and thereby prevent the appearance of serious/critical illnesses or medical problems. Thus, they help in letting the serious health issues become a major one by curbing them at the initial stage.

  • Annual check-ups
  • Immunizations and flu shots
  • Blood pressure
  • Weight test
  • Colorectal cancer screening
  • Prostate cancer screening
  • Breast exam and mammogram (for women)
  • Pelvic exam, Pap smear and HPV test (for women)
  • Eye exam
  • Cholesterol screening etc. 

Preventive health care policies help to reduce the risk for diseases, disabilities, as well as death.

They help the insured to diagnose and prevent the risk of severe diseases.

* Rs. 245/month is the starting price for a 5 lac health insurance for an 25-year-old male, with no pre-existing diseases.
*! Rs. 334/month is the starting price for a 10 lac health insurance for an 25-year-old male, with no pre-existing diseases.
*@ Rs. 12/day is the starting price for a 5 lac family health insurance for an 25-year-old male and 22-year-old female, with no pre-existing diseases.
*# Rs. 12/day is the starting price for a 5 lac health insurance for an 25-year-old male, with no pre-existing diseases.
*$ Rs. 600/month is the starting price for a 20 lac health insurance for an 25-year-old male, with no pre-existing diseases.
*^ Rs. 12/day is the starting price for a health insurance that covers coronavirus for an 25-year-old male, with no pre-existing diseases.