Best Natural Home Remedies for Dry Cough


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Updated on Aug 10, 2023

Dry cough can cause irritation and tickle in your throat, which makes it bothersome. The pain it causes disrupts day-to-day activities. Thankfully Nature bestows us with some age-old remedies that can soothe many of our ailments, including Dry Cough.    

Home remedies have since ages have been beneficial in healing people with their natural powers. You can say goodbye to many body ailments, including the annoying dry cough, by embracing these natural healing properties. Let us unveil the secrets of nature in the form of spices, herbs, and other healing properties that have been used for generations to feel relief from dry cough irritabilities.

Your entire schedule is disturbed when you are feeling under the weather with a pesky cough and cold. You cannot sleep, eat, or talk properly with the cough annoying you now and then. This is when the age-old tested and tried home remedies come to your rescue. Home remedies efficiently eliminate cough if you are not suffering from any other health conditions or complications. Let’s find out more about it in detail.

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What Causes Dry Cough?

A dry cough can be the result of many things, such as:

  • Allergies like dust or pollen cause a dry cough
  • It is also caused due to smoking
  • It can be due to Asthma. So, patients with asthma can suffer from dry cough
  • It might catch you because of a viral disease, flu, common cold etc.
  • Laryngitis might also be a case
  • Another case can be inhaling external particles
  • Some might be under the post-viral disease cough
  • Some can have a post-nasal drip
  • Tuberculosis is also another cause of dry cough
  • And interstitial lung disease can be another cause
  • Sometimes there are medication-induced coughs too

If you have an annoying dry cough, you can take the help of the following home remedies to get rid of the dry cough. Most of these remedies have been going on for generations and are safe for short-term usage.

Best Natural and Effective Home Remedies for Cough 

1. Stay Hydrated:

A dry throat sometimes aggravates a dry cough. Hence it is good to drink liquids that are soothing for the throat, like tea with lemon. Hydration is an easy way to limit dry cough. You can use other warm liquids for hydration, like warm water, clear broths, and herbal teas.

2. Gargling with saltwater:

This is one of the most efficient ways to relieve a sore throat. Doctors mostly recommend it. Since saltwater draws moisture away from the sensitive throat, it limits swelling and irritation caused by a dry cough. To gargle, take a glass of warm water and add a teaspoon of salt. Mix it well and gargle. Repeat several times a day.

3. Consume Honey:

Honey is the best remedy to reduce throat pain or irritability. Honey is used to treat cough, and it strengthens your immune system. You can use honey in its raw form or mix it with hot tea or warm water.

4. Use Ginger:

Ginger comes with antibacterial effects and is an effective dry cough remedy. You can consume ginger tea three times a day by boiling a cup of water with half a tsp of grated ginger/ginger powder.

5. Steam Inhalation:

Inhaling steam is another natural method to cure dry cough, especially in case of a post-nasal drip. Here, steam helps the accumulated mucus in the throat area to release. Use a boiling pot of water to inhale steam. Use a cloth to cover your head to contain the steam while inhaling.

Further, there are other natural ingredients like Turmeric, Thyme, Marshmallow root, Aromatherapy and Humidifier, mint, masala tea, etc., to treat dry cough naturally.

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When is Seeing a Doctor Necessary?

Seeing a doctor is necessary if you see the following along with a persistent cough, such as;

  • Blood with cough
  • Loss of appetite
  • Persistent high fever
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Weakness/exhaustion
  • Pain in the chest
  • Sweating during sleep

If you face any one or two of the aforementioned symptoms, it is recommended to go to a doctor for a complete check-up.

How to prevent coughing?

To prevent seasonal cough, you can do the following:

  • Take care of your digestion by keeping your digestive system in good shape
  • Eat yogurt as it has a good number of live cultures along with probiotics to aid in the prevention of respiratory infections
  • Keep your hands clean by washing them frequently
  • Limiting bacteria can help in lowering the chance of getting sick or getting coughs and colds

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To Sum Up

Natural home remedies for dry coughs can offer temporary yet instant relief from cough and against throat allergies and irritations. In case of severe and persistent coughs, you need a doctor’s treatment to identify the cause and take action to cure the condition.
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FAQs: Best Natural Home Remedies for Dry Cough

Which home remedy offers fast relief for a dry cough?

~ Use salt water to gargle
~ Eucalyptus-based aromatherapy
~ Dry cough medicine(khasi ki dawai) like cough syrups and cough drops
~ Humidifier

What food items must be avoided if you have a dry cough?

Foods to be avoided when suffering from a cold or cough are:

~ Fruits and veggies like strawberries, mushrooms, avocados etc.
~ Dry fruits
~ Alcohol
~ Cheese
~ Dairy items
~ Too much caffeine and aerated drinks
~ Foods with too much sugar
~ Fried food

What are some natural home remedies for dry cough at night?

Drink warm tea before bed or drink honey tea. Use extra cushions to elevate your head while sleeping.

How to cure cough with cough syrup?

Cough syrups work to either stop a dry cough or to make it easier for a patient to cough up excess mucus.

How to get rid of a cough in 5 minutes?

Gargle with Saltwater to Soothe Your Throat instantly. You can also flush your nose with water. The use of honey, turmeric, and ginger is also effective for coughing.

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